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Through our personal coaching, tailored workshops and interactive talks we help models and young women gain more self-confidence. We encourage women to confront their negative thinking patterns by providing practical tools to help you to reach mental and emotional stability.

We do this in a space where you can allow yourself to be vulnerable and not be judged. We offer various techniques that you can use to stimulate self-reflection, recognize your inner beauty and develop personal ambitions.


Attitude Courses

  • What does Professional model mean
  • How we take care of our public image
  • How we prepare and go to a casting
  • Positive attitude and perception of rejection
  • What new models should look out for

Stay away from traps, sexual harassment, vanity, beauty and anorexia


2. Cat walk - Posing

μάθημα περπάτημα ποζάρισμα

Cat Walk Courses

Training in daily and professional catwalk (basic leg-body exercises). So that we can meet the high requirements of “FASHION SHOWS”, as well as any of our professional activities.
Different walking with: daily wear, evening, wedding dress, sport. Proper gait, proper appearance, proper hand-body positioning, have a psychological impact on the people around us.

Posing Courses

  • Thousands of poses and poses in front of the camera
  • Special knowledge for photography:
  • Editorials
  • Campaigns
  • Look Book
  • Social media

We learn facial expressions necessary in a photo model, to become a person that all photographers will be happy to work with.



topclass στυλ image making

Image making & Styling Courses

Beauty is temporary, but elegance is eternal.

  • Can I become a Fashion Icon?
  • How to get “style”
  • What suits everyone personally

Based on body type, facial features, appropriate colors. How I dress according to the circumstances:

  • Professional meeting
  • Afternoon – evening outfit
  • At the office, at home, at school

How we combine our clothes and avoid frequent shopping.
Where we learn about fashion trends



topclass μαθημα αυτοπεποίθησης

Self Esteem Courses

Getting over bullying? You are not alone nor “Alone”, and we will show you how to overcome it.

  • How do we gain confidence?
  • How to become popular
  • Change of negative mood
  • The magic of positive influence
  • Positive attitude and perception of rejection
  • Contact:
  • -How to fight loneliness and isolation
  • – What are my strengths?
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